Camping all over the World

Camping is a great experience but the only thing that contributes to that experience is the camping venue. Where you camp is of great importance. There are so many camping sites around the world but not all of them satisfy a true campers search for the perfect spot hence the list of some of the world’s best camping sites.

  1. El Nido, Philippines: Whoah! you say, El Nido is a place that shows up in bold in the front of your Lonely Planet Philippines book. How can it be off the beaten path? Well, El Nido itself is clearly no longer off the beaten path, but some of the islands around El Nido definitely are. Take your pick of one of the deserted 45 islands, pack your sleeping gear and some food and head out! If you’re concerned about how to get there, talk to the friendly people at Cliffside Cottages and ask them to set it up for you. Just make sure you explain that you want to be far away from other tourists and you will find yourself on an island, alone, living out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies.
  2. Sumatra, Indonesia: I know it’s a huge region to list as “off the beaten path” but Sumatra really is an untouched paradise. There are places where you will run into a bunch of backpackers but even in those places you can sneak off and find a place of your own. For the most part though, Sumatra is extremely non-touristed and it boasts some of the most amazing sights in the entire region. Lake Toba and Lake Meninjau have crystal clear fresh water smack dab in the middle of a volcano crater. If you stay here you will probably have an entire guesthouse to yourself (depending on what side of the lake you stay on). Definitely don’t miss Sumatra if you’re trying to avoid crowds, it’s one of the best places to be. A stark contrast to Bali.

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If you want to run away from the sun and take your family with you then Europe has something great to offer. You do not have to stay in expensive luxurious hotels when you can opt for family camping. Not only will you have an adventure but you will bond even better.


Live like a hobbit in Sweden’s most primitive hotel. With no electricity or running water, inflict a digital detox on your teen in this grass-covered, wooden forest hut on the banks of Lake Skärsjön. Spend idyllic days fishing for salmon and foraging for wild berries and by night take a guided safari in search of wildwolves, elk and beavers. Despite the rustic appearance, the huts are very cosy and furnished with sheepskin throws, wood-burners and sturdy wooden beds. For the true Swedish experience, borrow the camp’s boat and row out to the floating wooden sauna in the middle of the lake.


Dotted like crystal zorbs on the banks of the Pyrenees, a night in the space-age eco-pods in Col d’Ibardin is like sleeping in a big glass bauble. Kick back on Fatboy bean bags to admire the Milky Way or cook up a storm in your own al fresco kitchen before climbing into a proper bed with hanging pods for the kids. Col d’Ibardin is a family campsite with outdoor pools and a kids’ club. It’s close to the Belle Epoque city of Biarritz and the stunning Basque coast, home to some of the best surfing beaches in France.

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If you want to go camping in a place where you will experience Mother Nature in the fullness of her glory then you might as well go camping in Africa. First of all the scenery is picturesque, the landscape is great and there is no freezing weather. You will be able to engage in lots of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and even picnics.

  1. Rapids Camp, Sagana

Located right by the river, Rapids Camp is a camping site well-known for its adventurous outdoor activities. The riverside campsite is a perfect place to pitch a camping tent, relax and indulge yourself in fun activities. Rapids camp offers a scenic surrounding with magnificent landscape. You can pitch your tent next to the Sagana River and enjoy variety of water sports such as kayaking, water rafting in Tana River and canoeing.

  1. Malewa Bush Ventures

Located near Naivasha, next to the Kigio Wildlife Conservancy, Malewa Bush Ventures is an ideal camping site, a quick getaway into a serene environment, which is surrounded by plush vegetation. Malewa Bush Ventures offers outdoor activities such as rock climbing, trekking, game viewing, boating and fishing. The campsite offers a variety of accommodation including luxury tents and dome tents with suitable facilities. Visit: Malewa Bush Ventures

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