Fish Tank Filters What All Beginners Should Know Before Buying

A good filtration system is necessary in order to keep your fish tank running correctly, whether it’s a saltwater or a fresh water set up. A fish tank filter is designed to remove excess food, fish waste, decaying matter and any dangerous chemicals from the water. For you this means this means fewer water changes and less maintenance as you have a cleaner safer tank for longer. If this waste and other item are not removed, the tank will look dirty, it may have algae growth, or the wrong bacteria and bugs build up. A build-up of toxins can kill your fish and plants.

There are three types of filtration: biological, mechanical and chemical, and many fish tank filters have been designed to hold all three. In order for your filter to do its job, you’ll need to buy fish tank filter media to put inside. Using the three together ensures the clearest, purest water, and as such, a healthy tank and happy fish.

Whether you’re after an internal filter to sit inside your aquarium or an external filter to sit outside, there are a wide variety to choose from. Some aquariums even come complete with a filter, media and pump, saving you money and time.

Keeping the water in your aquarium clean is crucial to the wellbeing of your fish. Internal filters and external hang on filters provide filtration for small to medium size tanks and are a very economic and efficient way of keeping your tank clean, with very little maintenance of the actual unit required.

For medium to large tanks aquarium powerheads are a good option to combine with fish tank filters. Circulation pumps will vastly increase natural water movement preventing a still stagnation of your water. In marine and reef tanks where “turbulence” is critical to health and growth, water movement is imperative.

External fish tank filters, or canister filters, are an ideal solution for maintaining a large aquarium where a strong water current and high level of filtration is necessary. With a larger capacity to include supplementary media such as carbon, external filters also contain a greater amount of sponge and biological media, enhancing the level of mechanical filtration and breakdown of ammonia.

Fitted beneath the aquarium itself, canister filters are also advantageous as they provide easy access for maintenance without disturbing your livestock.

When selecting the best fish tank filter for a small to medium tank, an internal filter could be just what you need for your aquarium. Internal fish tank filters are compact and sit inside your aquarium, offering an ideal space saving option for those that do not have room for a larger external filter.