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The Crucial Differences Between Acoustic And Electronic Drum Kits

Even if you are only vaguely aware of the things going on in the music scene, you must have already heard of the electronic drum kit. You play it similarly to the acoustic drum set, but obviously, it has an electronic component and a few other differences. Actually, technically speaking, an electronic drum kit is basically a multitude of drum kits in one. It can turn into a different kind of drum kit based on your preference or even make the sounds of other musical instruments. Often times, the variety and convenience that an electronic kit provides is the selling point for those interested in drums, but a lot of people are also considering electronic drum kits because they are decidedly less noisy. If you’ve been wanting to get your own drum kit, but you worry about the possibility of bothering your neighbors, then an electronic drum kit might help solve that issue.

Acoustic drum kits are loud because they are purposefully made to be that way. It makes no sense to have a acoustic drum that cannot be played loudly. With electronic drum kits, you can play the drums without disturbing the whole neighborhood. You can plug in a decent pair of headphones and have all the awesome drum beat goodness to yourself. You can also get several other equipment to amplify your electronic drum playing experience. Another nice thing about electronic drum kits is having several accessories available to it that might not work with an acoustic kit.

It’s true that an electronic drum kit is much quieter than an acoustic drum kit. If you’re one to use drum amplifiers with your electronic kit, you can even control the volume output just like any electric music device. If you use headphones, you will cut the loudness of your kit by so much more. However, an electronic kit will not be a hundred percent soundless, even if you’re wearing headphones, but it will definitely be less loud than a full on acoustic kit. An electronic kit’s drums are usually made from thick rubber, and sometimes, with a different material, like mesh, for the drumhead itself. If you’re familiar to a drum practice pad, the sound it makes is similar to that. When you play your electronic drum kit with headphones on, your housemates may still hear you play, but it will not be as loud and blaring as a usual drum kit. It is also unlikely that your neighbor will even hear you play your kit unless you have all your windows open and your walls are paper-thin. Although, if you’re still concerned about that, you can make your electronic drums even quieter:

An electronic drum kit has its own pros and cons, but the pros usually outweighs its cons. Some might say that an electronic drum kit isn’t a real kit because it doesn’t give you the real feel of playing the drums. There is still nothing compared to playing and the feel of an acoustic kit, but knowing what you know now, an electronic drum kit doesn’t sound so bad, does it?